Kaunas in-service Teacher-training centre  was established on the 15th of July, in 1995. It is one of the biggest  In-service Teacher-training institutions in Lithuania.

Since 1995 various qualification development events were organized for educators and managers.

Since 2001 there is an open Library - Information Centre with spacious, cosy rooms with comfortable work place, the newest educational literature, computers and  Internet.

Since 2001 in the centre is established regional German in-service Teacher-training centre  which is supported by Robert Bosch fund and Goethe Institute.

According confirmed new regulations since 2004 centre began to organize not only educational  but also  cultural, sport and other social groups members qualification development events.

Since 2005 Kaunas in-service Teacher-training centre has become an authorized representative testing centre of ECC (European Computer user Certificate) where teachers and other adults can obtain such Computer user Certificate.

Since 2005 Kaunas in-service Teacher–training centre has been an association member of Lithuanian adult education.

Since 2005 the Centre has organized foreign language courses for leaders of educational institutions, teachers and city community.

Since 2007 Kaunas in-service Teacher –training centre is the first accredited centre in Lithuania. Accreditation Certificate AP Nr. 001 is given according the order Nr. ISAK-1851 by Minister of Education and Science in 2007-09-20.

Since 2007 our centre has organized methodological days where Kaunas teachers share their best practices and their activity’s successful examples. The exhibition catalogue of the conference articles and reports is produced.

Since 2008 centre has paid a special attention to the educators - seniors. They have kept various courses and training events. University of the Third Age was established in 2013. There are three faculties: Health, Culture and Creative workshop.

In 2009 centre was included in the State servants’ training institutions list and studies had been started for State officials.

In 2013 centre was  accredited for the  second time. Certificate AP Nr. 046 is given according the order Nr. V-1196 by Minister of Education and Science in 2013-12-05

Since 2013 in Kaunas in-service Teacher –training centre is established,  implemented and supported quality management system (according requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standard)

In 2014 Kaunas in-service Teacher-training centre implemented an electronic event registration system for participants.

Together with the Board of Kaunas City Department of Education, Culture and Tourism Development and the Education Department and the Educational psychology service managers and professionals, centre’s personnel participate in external evaluation of concrete school discussions.

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