State officials  qualification development.

  • Leaders in education, teachers and other adults necessary qualification development for life career (qulifacation improvement). (Special pedagogics and special psychologics qualification development courses for persons who will assess for the 1st time and already assessed teachers who will pretend to obtain higher qualifying
  • Continuating teaching non-formal education services ( Complex social pedegogics theory and methodics knowledge courses ( who don‘t have  pedagogue , social personnel and pedagogue qualification) and Pedagogical-Psychological knowledge courses (for persons who prepare to work or are working in non-formal education with children (except preschool education) and primary professional training  for professions teachers who didn‘t participate in such course before)
  • Methodical assistance to schools and teachers (consultations, seminars,etc.)
  • Curriculum for leaders in children tourism „ Children tourism events organization“
  • To obtain or prolong coach licence „ Training basius programme for sportsmen“
  •  „Development courses pointed to communication with children“ for parents about positive parenthood, making deeper social and communication with children skills.
  • „ School management basics“
  • " Lithuanian language culture parogramme for teachers , schools headmasters, their assistants for education and department managers „

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